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Sliding Glass Doors Need Adjustment

Sliding glass doors can transform a dreary room into a light-filled cheerful oasis. They also provide easy access to patios, balconies and other outdoor spaces. However, over time these doors can get out of alignment as your home shifts slightly with age. Even a small shift can cause your doors to stick and eventually become unusable.  Or, sometimes it’s the rollers that need a little adjustment. They cease to glide easily along the track.

Adjusting sliding glass doors

Adjusting your sliding glass doors so that they open and close like new again is a relatively easy task for a home maintenance professional. If the rollers are the problem, these can be greased so they glide more easily or even replaced, if necessary. To see if the rollers are faulty, there are plugs or screws on the sides or face of the door, depending on the make and model. You or your handyman can lift the door slightly by loosening these screws and peek underneath the door frame.

If the problem is that the door has become less than plumb, a good home repair contractor can re-set the door without disturbing much of the surrounding trim boards and have your door opening and closing easily again.

Fixing sliding glass doors with Kaufman’s Home Maintenance

If you need help adjusting your sliding glass doors and making them operate like new again, Kaufman’s Home Maintenance can help.  Kaufman’s delivers on-demand handyman services in addition to scheduled home maintenance programs. We offer a service plan that homeowners can subscribe to, tailored to their individual needs. This can include regular household maintenance chores like cleaning furnace ducts, window washing, changing furnace filters, cleaning dryer ducts, carpet cleaning, painting, roof maintenance…and making sure that your sliding glass doors are working. Call 503-798-4357 or visit to schedule an appointment.