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Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Your home is your sanctuary, the place you go for security, shelter and to escape all of the hassles of works, relationships and school. However, sometimes, your safe oasis can contribute to causing you and your family health problems, like allergies, asthma and even COPD.

Ways your home could be making you sick

Problems in your home usually start so slowly and build so gradually that you don’t even realize there is a problem until the issue has become well established. There are many things that can develop in your home that will cause health problems.

  • Mold and mildew — Mold and mildew can form where there is water in less than 48 hours. Left unchecked, things like leaky pipes, problems with the roof or ice dams can exacerbate allergies and breathing conditions like asthma, bronchitis and COPD.
  • Lead paint — Most of the paint used in the United States prior to the mid-1970s contained lead. If you have an older home, this type of paint may still be lurking on your window and door frames. Ingesting chips of this paint can be toxic, especially to children.
  • Combustion gases — Carbon monoxide, a deadly gas, is one of the by-products of most home furnaces. When the furnace is working correctly, this gas is channeled safely outside via the vent and flue on the furnace. However, CO2 poisoning can be an issue with an older or a malfunctioning unit.
  • Pesticides — Storing pesticides in the basement, attached garage or under the sink is an accident waiting to happen. Even if you don’t have small children, these toxic chemicals can leak out of the containers, causing a breathing hazard. Better to use natural pest remedies or to take steps to keep pests at bay.

Making your home safe with Kaufman’s Home Maintenance 

The good news is that all of these problems can be fixed and your home can be make healthy again. Damp dry wall, insulation or other building products can be replaced, lead paint can be removed or painted over and your furnace can be checked to make sure that the combustion gases are being  properly funneled out of the house.

If you need help keeping your home from making you sick, Kaufman’s Home Maintenance can help.  Kaufman’s delivers on-demand handyman services in addition to scheduled home maintenance programs. We offer a service plan that homeowners can subscribe to, tailored to their individual needs. This can include regular household maintenance chores like making sure their furnace ducts are clean, washing their windows, changing their furnace filters, cleaning their dryer ducts, painting window trim or whole rooms…and making sure that your home is healthy and secure. Call 503-798-4357 or visit KaufmanHelp.com to schedule an appointment.