Our scheduled home maintenance visits will

Preserve your home’s value

Handle hidden issues before they’re big, costly problems

Keep your home functioning properly

Deliver scheduled professional handyman services

Don’t climb ladders.
Put the tools away.
Never worry about repairs again.

You know a regular tune-up keeps your car running efficiently. A regular home check-up by a professional will keep your house in good shape, too.

With our maintenance program you’ll never worry about the little things that aren’t working, or the hidden problems that could require costly repairs later.

Instead of searching for handyman services when something needs to be fixed, sign up for our program—quarterly, twice a year, once a year visits from a professional.

We cover more than just handyman services

Our home maintenance professional will visit with a comprehensive 14-point checklist to keep your home humming — top-to-bottom and inside and out.

The best part? You won’t need tools or handyman skills. The right things are done the right way. Keep a “honey do” list for each visit. Just one phone call to our concierge anytime for handyman services or bigger projects.

When you sign on with our Home Maintenance Program, you’ll have 24/7 emergency service, too.

Keep your home energy efficient

From exhaust fan assessment to reviewing attic space and cleaning refrigerator coils.

Keep you safe from potential emergencies

From checking for gas leaks to checking smoke and CO detectors to cleaning the dryer vent.

Keep you and your home healthy

From light bulb replacement to inspecting the furnace and cleaning or installing filters.

Keep everything working correctly

Garage door check and lube to checking windows and doors.

“If I have extra things for them to do, I leave them a note on the kitchen counter and they take care of it. They are extremely trustworthy. The whole house functions better.”

Kathy and Darr G.

Professional handyman services you’ll love

Save Money

Small problems can signal bigger, hidden issues. Or little breakdowns left unfixed can cost a lot down the road. We do more than a handyman service — we check for glitches that need attention to keep you safe and save you money.

Save Time

Your life is already full. You don’t want to spend weekends on home repairs. (Or admit it, you don’t have the right skills or all the tools.) We’ll take care of more than a handyman would, so you won’t have to worry.

Personal Help

Add the little items on your “honey do” list to your regular visit. Or call us to schedule Special Projects. When you sign up for our Home Maintenance Program you’ll have someone to call 24/7, for little fixes, big projects or emergencies.

A huge time saver

“No longer do I have to figure out who to use for jobs around my house. This is a huge time saver and gives me great peace of mind about my home.”
Dan P
Happy Home Owner

They make it really easy

“I have been using their service since they started and it is just wonderful. Just call them. They will come out and walk through it with you. They make it really easy.”
Donna H
Happy Home Owner

Rely on our home building expertise

Kaufman’s Home Maintenance was founded by Kaufman Homes, a family owned business.  Homeowners in Oregon’s Willamette Valley have relied on their top-quality home construction and remodeling since 1975. The Kaufmans know how a home should work. They created the Home Maintenance Program to help homeowners like you stay safe, take great care of the homes they love, and preserve the value of their investment.