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Getting Your Home Maintenance Checklist Done For You

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How much are surprise home repairs costing you?

Homes deteriorate as they age and take a lot of time to maintain properly, creating frustrating repairs and overwhelming checklists. And if you don’t tend to issues quickly, little problems just grow worse.

With a home maintenance subscription, expert technicians visit your home and provide proactive care, to keep your home functioning well and to ensure its value for years to come.

Our members receive free estimates and preferred rates for home repair and renovation projects, utilizing the quality and care provided to you since 1975 from Kaufman Homes.

Expert craftsmen provide proactive maintenance ensuring your home’s value for years to come. Our technicians in Redmond Oregon provide Handyman services to your home or vacation rental.  When you wonder if there are any handymen near me, you can rest assured that we will travel to you and repair and replace any part of your home.

Your home should serve you, not hassle you.

Quarterly Home Maintenance Service

Our expert technicians follow a 14-point checklist focused on energy efficiency, emergency prevention, and the health of you and your home in order to preserve its overall value.

Skilled Craftsmen And Technicians To Handle Your Repairs

Our clients receive free estimates and preferred pricing on home repair projects, executed with efficiency by our team of skilled craftsmen and technicians.

Construction Experts

We bring the knowledge from two generations of homebuilders, the experience of thousands of home repairs, and our family legacy of excellent service to your home.

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Relax & Enjoy More Free Time

In your home maintenance subscription, our expert technicians visit your primary residence or vacation home quarterly, follow a checklist, and provide little fixes to keep your home functioning properly and ensuring its value for years to come. Our home maintenance customers receive free estimates and preferred rates for home repair projects provided by our team of skilled craftsmen and technicians, along with 24-hour service calls.


Our customers receive one hour of free service for little fixes on every maintenance visit, or a combined four hours annually, keeping hundreds of dollars in your pocket each year.


From exhaust fan assessment to reviewing attic space and refrigerator coils, our program helps your home function properly and saves you money.


Checking for gas leaks, cleaning dryer vents, monitoring carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and more are all part of your home maintenance subscription.


You can’t plan for an emergency repair. Your subscription includes access to 24-hour service calls.

"We believe that doing things right the first time saves time and effort long term. Homeowners shouldn’t have to feel overwhelmed and frustrated handling home repairs. That's why we provide qualified and reputable service for hassle-free home repair. "

-Kent Kaufman President of
Kaufman’s Home Maintenance

At Kaufman’s Home Maintenance, 
we know how much you care about your home. 

Our company was founded by two generations of home builders who understand construction and want homeowners to have access to trusted experts who will not only preserve your home’s value but also your precious free time.

What happens on a typical Kaufman's Home Maintenance visit?
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What our clients say...

We’re part of your team.

"If I have extra things for them to do, I leave a note on the kitchen counter and they take care of it."

Kathy and Darr G. Carefree Homeowners

Made easy for you

"I have been using their service since they started and it is just wonderful. Just call them. They will come out and walk through it with you. They make it really easy."

Donna H. Stress-Free Homeowner

Preserve your free time

"No longer do I have to figure out who to use for jobs around my house. This is a huge time saver and gives me great peace of mind about my home."

Dan P. Happy Homeowner