An affordable home repair and maintenance program

It can be frustrating to figure out who to call when things go wrong. Plumber? Roofer? Carpenter? Electrician? Handyman? And then what will they charge?!

You need someone who knows where to look for problems and how to fix them the right way. Is something leaking under the house? Is your furnace working correctly? Are there stains on the ceiling? Or doors and windows that stick?

Trust our professional technicians to fix both the annoying small things and the potentially big problems you can’t see—the ones that could cost a bundle to fix later.

Scheduled home repair services will save you money

With our Home Maintenance Program, home repair experts arrive on a regular schedule.

You can rely on our 37+ years of building experience to fix what’s needed—properly.

We can handle nearly any type of home repair, large or small, inside or out.

Regularly scheduled quarterly visits. A 14-point checklist. Experienced home building and home repair professionals.

Starting at $335.00 per quarter, based on an annual contract.

Our pricing is based on the size of your home. The more square footage, the more area there is to assess and service. If you have extras, (two refrigerators instead of one?), there’s a small surcharge.
1500 sq ft home

1,500 SF Home

$335 Per Quarter

2,500 SF Home

$395 Per Quarter

3,500 SF Home

$455 Per Quarter

With scheduled home maintenance, you could save time and money while you preserve the value of your home.

Instead of calling a specialist (who will likely charge a service call fee in addition to time and materials), you’ll have someone you can count on, for one simple price. Add up the cost to call an electrician, a roofer, a plumber, a locksmith, a carpenter and a landscaper for small fixes and projects. Instead, schedule the pros at Kaufman’s Home Maintenance.

Final price based on home assessment. Home amenities may add extra costs. See below for additional pricing details. *Billed quarterly, based on an annual contract for quarterly maintenance

Extra consideration if you have a larger home

  • Additional cost per 1,000 SF above the 1,500 SF base
  • Additional furnace
  • Electronic furnace filters
  • Furnace with electronic filter
  • Additional refrigerator
  • Additional dryer vent