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What is the value of your time?

It’s sometimes difficult to grasp the truth that there just aren’t unlimited hours in the day. What’s more: things that seem like a good idea, like cleaning the gutters after work or sealing the driveway over the weekend, may actually be exhausting after a long day or a long week at the office. That’s why hiring a handyman to help you with home maintenance projects makes sense.

Time-cost analysis works at home, too

Hiring someone for routine maintenance chores doesn’t just free up your time and energy to do things you enjoy like spending time with your family, but it can make good economic sense, too. After all, if you earn more in an hour at your job than you’re paying the handyman service, it’s just logical to use your time for work, rather than for home maintenance. Plus, because such maintenance tasks are things that we do regularly, we can often get the job done more quickly than someone who has only tackled such projects a few times (or never.)

Saving time and money with Kaufman’s Home Maintenance

No one has unlimited hours and energy in a day. Doesn’t it make sense to conserve these precious commodities for your job, your family and for relaxing with friends? At Kaufman’s Home Maintenance, we can help you keep your home and property looking their best without using up your valuable time and energy.

We can handle most maintenance projects, from cleaning your drainage system to washing the exterior of your windows to sealing your driveway to doing annual maintenance on your heating and cooling systems. We also offer a subscription service, which we tailor to fit your family’s and your home’s needs. To learn more about saving time and money with Kaufman’s Home Maintenance Service, call 503-798-4357 or visit to schedule an appointment.