Kaufman’s Home Maintenance, LLC

What are the advantages of consistent, preventative maintenance?

Spending money on home maintenance isn’t nearly as fun as buying a new flat-screen TV or taking a winter vacation to a tropical island. However, that money you spend on regular, preventative maintenance offers a number of big advantages.

Benefits of regular home maintenance

1. Avoiding expensive major repairs. Spending a little on regular maintenance can drastically reduce the likelihood of having to spend big bucks on major repairs. For instance, keeping your gutters and drainage system clean can help prevent ice dams and the resulting water under your eaves and a yearly furnace check can extend the life of your heating system. Plus, you can budget regular maintenance rather than be faced with a huge repair bill that needs to be paid right away.

2. Increasing your home’s marketability. When it comes time to sell your home, being able to show the prospective buyer good maintenance records could be the thing that makes them decide on your home instead of the house down the street.

3. Keeping your home safe. A well-maintained home is much less likely to have a fire or be a hazard that can cause an accident. According to the U.S. Product Safety Commission, 15,260 injuries and 2,660 deaths occur annually as a result of smoke alarm failure or problems with sprinklers and fire extinguishers. Regular maintenance can prevent such tragedies.

Keeping your home well-maintained with Kaufman’s Home Maintenance

Kaufman’s Home Maintenance service makes keeping your home well-maintained easy. We offer a regular subscription service of maintenance services tailored to your specific needs. We also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is well taken care of. Just a few of the services our company can help you with include replacing the filters in your furnace and air conditioning systems, winterizing your home, keeping your gutters and roof drainage system free from debris, re-sealing your driveway and annual maintenance to your furnace and air conditioning system. To learn more about Kaufman’s Home Maintenance Service, call 503-798-4357 or visit KaufmanHelp.com to schedule an appointment.