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Closet doors rubbing on carpet can be adjusted

Are your closet doors difficult to open and even more difficult to close? You don’t have to struggle every morning or worse, leave the doors open so that all of your clothes and shoes spill into your bedroom. Fixing closet doors that rub on the carpet is an easy thing to do.

Planing closet doors

New, plush carpet can cause a problem with closet doors. If your previous floor covering had less pile, the new carpet may make your doors hard to open and close. This is not only a problem when you’re trying to access the closet, but can also wear down your new carpet and make it look shabby prematurely. Most closet doors can be easily fixed so that they will open and close without a  problem. To do this, you’ll need to remove the doors and lay them out on a work table. Then, using a planing tool, take off just a little of the wood from the bottom of the door. Just an 1/8 of an inch can make a big difference.

Fixing your doors with Kaufman’s Home Maintenance

Although planing your doors so that they open easily is not a big deal, it can be cumbersome and awkward to take down the doors and put them back up. That’s where Kaufman’s Home Maintenance can help. We can not only plane the doors so that they open and close smoothly, but we will re-hang them so that they are plumb or right on their track.

In addition to helping you with your closet doors, Kaufman’s Home Maintenance offers a full range of home repair and handyman services, both on a one-time, “as needed” basis and as a recurring, scheduled service. We tailor our packages to meet your individual home maintenance needs. Just a few of the services we can help you with include replacing the filters in your furnace and air conditioning systems, cleaning the leaves out of your drain pipes and gutters, re-sealing your driveway AND fixing your closet doors. To learn more about Kaufman’s Home Maintenance Service, call 503-798-4357 or visit to schedule an appointment.