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Running toilets can be a simple fix

Most homeowners face a toilet that won’t stop running at one time or another. Such a situation is more than just annoying; it can cost you a lot of money in increased water bills. Depending on your water cost, a toilet that runs constantly for two weeks can cost around $100. That’s like throwing money out of the window.

Fixing your running toilet

Fortunately, fixing a constantly running toilet is easy and inexpensive to fix. Most of the time, the problem is with either the flapper or the float. Either the flapper isn’t sealing at the bottom of the tank or the float isn’t signaling the water to stop running. Both are inexpensive parts, found at any hardware or home improvement store, and can be replace with a minimum of skill in about a half hour.

Fixing your toilet with Kaufman’s Home Maintenance

Fixing a running toilet promptly is key to minimizing a high water bill. You don’t want to wait to get that bill before you notice you have a problem. Kaufman’s Home Maintenance can help you make sure that your toilets are in good working order, whether the issue is a constantly running unit or something a little more complicated like a leaking toilet or one with a broken seal.

In addition to taking care of your toilet, Kaufman’s Home Maintenance offers a full range of handyman and home repair services, both on a demand basis and as a subscription service. We custom design our maintenance packages to the individual homeowner’s needs. Just a few of the services we offer include washing outside windows, winterizing your automatic sprinkler system, cleaning your gutters and downspouts AND performing periodic maintenance on your toilets. To learn more about Kaufman’s Home Maintenance Service, call 503-798-4357 or┬áto schedule an appointment.