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Fall is time to turn off automatic sprinklers

The weather can turn from delightful to cold in just a few weeks in our part of the country. You may think that you have plenty of time to get your home ready for winter, only to find the temperature dropping steadily and the cold rains beginning. One thing you want to make sure to do before the thermometer hits freezing is to winterize your sprinkler system.

How to winterize your automatic sprinkler system

One of the most important aspects of getting your sprinkler system ready for winter is to turn off the system’s automatic control. You certainly don’t want the sprinklers to turn on when the temperature is below freezing and create an ice field all over your property.

In addition to turning off the automatic control, you’ll want to turn off the water supply to the system and to drain all of the water from the underground pipes. If you allow the water to remain in the pipes, a hard freeze could cause the pipes to crack and burst, making for costly repairs in the spring.

Winterizing your sprinkler system with Kaufman’s Home Maintenance

Draining the water from your sprinkler system can be a little tricky. The best way to make sure you don’t leave any water behind is to use compressed air.  Unless you’re experienced with the process, it’s a good idea to have a qualified professional, like the staff at Kaufman’s Home Maintenance, handle the job.

In addition to helping you winterize your home, Kaufman’s Home Maintenance offers a full range of home repair and handyman services, both on a demand basis and as a subscription service. We tailor our packages to meet your individual home maintenance needs. Just a few of the services we offer include inserting new filters in your furnace and air conditioning systems, washing outside windows, clearing your gutters and water drainage system of debris AND getting your home ready for the cold weather season. To learn more about Kaufman’s Home Maintenance Service, call 503-798-4357 or to schedule an appointment.