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Leaks can be caused by exterior masonry sealing, flashing

Does your roof leak when it rains? Is your basement damp–or worse–after a summer storm? Late summer or early fall is the perfect time to address these issues. Leaks can be the result of a number of home maintenance issues. A shingle or two may have blown off of your roof during a storm. The roof flashing (those metal pieces that keep water from running down the sides of your chimneys and vents) may have come away from the plane of the roof. Or, you may have tiny cracks in the mortar or masonry work of your foundation.

When you’re roof is leaking, it’s often difficult to tell where the water is entering your home. Moisture can travel along your ceiling beams for many feet, even yards, before dripping down on your ceiling. Similarly, water in your basement may pool away from the place it is entering the walls.

Keeping your home dry with Kaufman’s Home Maintenance

Repairing your flashing and sealing your exterior masonry can be tricky work. To solve these issues, you need someone skilled at working on the roof without stepping in the wrong place and making the issues worse and someone who knows what to look for when inspecting the foundation. Kaufman’s Home Maintenance can help you make sure that your home is dry and secure before the winter weather season begins.

In addition to helping you repair your roof and seal your foundation, we offer a full range of home repair and handyman services, both on a demand basis and as a subscription service. We tailor our┬ápackages to meet your individual home maintenance needs. Just a few of the services we offer include inserting new filters in your furnace and air conditioning systems, washing outside windows, clearing your water drainage system of debris AND making sure that your home is secure from the weather. To learn more about Kaufman’s Home Maintenance Service, call 503-798-4357 or┬áto schedule an appointment.