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Wet Insulation Has to be Replaced or Mold Grows

Wet & Moldy InsulationIt’s been a crazy winter. Many parts of Oregon have had more snow this year than we’ve seen in decades. If that includes you, then you may have had trouble with ice dams that result from snow thawing and refreezing at your roof line.  If so, you’ve likely had water seeping into your attic and under your eaves. Such a scenario can cause your insulation to get wet, a condition that can lead to mold and mildew growing inside your walls and at the top of your house.

Dangers of wet insulation

Why should you care about wet insulation and mold? Mold can develop within 24 hours wherever there is moisture and can pose some serious health problems. According to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, mold often causes otherwise health people to develop upper respiratory systems, such as a cough, wheezing and shortness of breath. For those with mold allergies, these symptoms are even more pronounced.

Replacing insulation

Getting rid of that wet insulation at the top of your home can go a long way to lessening these breathing difficulties and keeping mold outside where it belongs. Insulation takes a long time to dry out naturally and even when it does, it loses a lot of its thermal properties, making less useful at keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wet or even damp insulation sitting for a long period of time on your ceiling joists can also cause those boards to start to deteriorate. Best to just get rid of that old, wet insulation.

When removing wet or damp insulation, FEMA advises to make sure that the area where you’re working is well-ventilated. However, you don’t want to use fans in an area where mold exists, as this will help spread the mold spores. In addition, it’s advisable to wear a mask and gloves to avoid direct contact with mold spores.

If you need help getting rid of your wet insulation and making sure that your attic and eaves are dry and healthy, Kaufman’s Home Maintenance can help.  Kaufman’s delivers on-demand handyman services as well as scheduled home maintenance programs. Homeowners can subscribe to a service plan that fits their needs for regular household maintenance chores like changing furnace filters, cleaning dryer ducts, cleaning furnace ducts, window washing, carpet cleaning, painting, roof maintenance…and making sure your attic is dry. Call 503-798-4357 or visit to schedule an appointment.