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Fall Around the House

Autumn is an excellent time to give your home and property a thorough cleaning in preparation for the winter months.

What better way to prepare for the “inside” months than with clean rooms and manicured landscaping?

Fall is also a good time to set up new systems and house maintenance procedures to help you keep your home functional and looking good without undue stress.

Empower your home maintenance professionals

If your handyman, housekeeper or lawn maintenance person has to get your okay for things like mowing the lawn, weeding the garden beds or cleaning the windows, it’s sure to slow down the entire process and cause frustration for all concerned. A better option is to hire people whose judgment you trust and then empower them to make decisions about your home maintenance needs. That way you’ll come home to a freshly-mowed lawn rather than a note from your lawn maintenance crew.

Break your home maintenance workload into manageable pieces

Just like tackling an entire business project can seem overwhelming, so can cleaning an entire house from top to bottom. Better to divide the workload into pieces, such as cleaning one room each week or doing one large home project each weekend rather than trying–and likely failing–to do everything at once.

Remember work-at-home professionals need help, too!

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean that you’re not working during the day. Too often, those of us who maintain home offices feel that we don’t deserve professionals to help with our home maintenance since we’re there at the house. If that’s how you’ve been thinking, it’s time to give yourself a break.

Make de-cluttering a regular habit

If you’re like most people, you bring new items into your home every week (if not every day). Over time, all of these possessions can get the best of even the most meticulous housekeeper. Keep up with the constant flow of items by making time each month or each quarter to rid your cabinets, closets and life of obsolete items. Even better, adopt a one-in, one-out rule and make sure to throw out, donate or recycle at least one item for each non-perishable item you bring into your home.

Don’t aim for perfection

If you’ll settle for nothing less than a perfect house, with spotless floors and counters and nothing out of place, then you’re living in a museum, not a home. Accept that in order for a home to be enjoyed, it’s not going to be spotless 90 percent of the time… and that’s okay.

Even with professionals to help you, maintaining a single family home on a busy schedule can be a challenge. Don’t let the situation become stressful. Set up a few systems; allow your professionals to do their jobs and relax and enjoy your home.

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