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Why it is Beneficial to Have a Kaufman’s Home Maintenance Technician Come to Your Home on a Scheduled Basis?

During the 4th quarter visit by a Kaufman’s Home Maintenance technician, the scheduled service list called for going under and checking the customer’s crawl space area.

It was discovered that a floor structural post was sitting in water and mud and was rotting. Luckily the damage was confined to the post and had not spread to anymore of the floor structure.

Water Leaking - Under House

The technician noted the water was coming through a foundation vent going down the concrete wall and collecting in a low area around the structural post.

The problem

On the outside of the home an old tree root had grown in front of the foundation vent.  The root along with a buildup of years of bark dust application changed the original grading and landscape allowing water runoff to be diverted in through the foundation vent.  The picture on the right is another example of changing landscape levels.

The fix

Handyman Foundation Leak Fix

The remedy on the outside was to remove the root, dig out the dirt and bark dust and install a concrete foundation vent well.

Finally, the technician drained the water around the post and installed a new structural post.  In spite of what could have been, this problem was discovered early, and had not spread to any other floor structure.

We are your hands, eyes and ears

This is a great example of what a Kaufman’s Home Maintenance technician does as he services, observes, and analyzes all areas of your home, seen and unseen.  Kaufman’s Home Maintenance’s goal is to keep your home healthy, safe and in good physical condition.

All problems are remedied either by the service technician during the time of the quarterly maintenance or for larger jobs we utilize highly skilled professionals all who are Kaufman’s Home Maintenance preferred providers; licensed, bonded and tested originally and used by our parent company, Kaufman Homes!

Kaufman’s Home Maintenance, as a division of Kaufman Homes, has the same attention to detail and service as the parent company has had for over 38 years.

Call Kaufman’s Home Maintenance and have Dean or Duane Kaufman, Owners of Kaufman Homes and developer of the new Kaufman’s Home Maintenance concept come to your home and present our program.

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