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Tips for cleaning your gutters

Have Clogged Gutters? Here are Some Cleaning Tips!

Clogged Gutters
Clogged Gutters

If you have been thinking that a few leaves and stray twigs in your gutter are absolutely harmless- think again!

Gutter cleaning is the single most major expensive home repairs that homeowners find better to not have than fix. Most would surely agree with me that when it comes to keeping the gutters clean, it is one of the most challenging jobs that will leave one tired and yes, messy!

Check out on these effective yet simple gutter cleaning tips to help you get started

  • Safety factors are most crucial. Ensure that the ladder is firmly on the ground before you start climbing to avoid any accidents. Use a harness to eliminate the risk of falling. Additionally, ensure not to dent the gutter- line-up the ladder with the gutter-hanger. While cleaning, resist the temptation to clean-out the hard to reach areas from a particular spot. Get down and reach out the next area- works great for all.
  • Equip yourself with appropriate cleaning clothes. Thick rubber gloves will not only provide the grip you need, but protect your hands too. I personally prefer the heavy duty ones, as they are stronger. Use safety-goggles to protect your eyes from dirt and dust particles. A gutter-scrapper tool is an absolute necessity to scrap-off the loads of debris accumulated. Having a garbage-bag tied to the ladder to dump the garbage would be convenient.
  • I find it suitable to use a leaf-blower to accumulate the leaves out of the gutter — of course, if the contents are dry. However, I ensure to rake-up everything to a compost pile depending on the situation. Pressure-washing the gutter might turn out to be a bit messy, so think before you go ahead with it.
  • Don’t miss out on the downspouts. They will carry the rainwater away from the roof. Gutter cleaning will not be complete without the flushing-out debris so that water can flow- the wire mesh guard needs attention too. Lookout for leaks, holes and cracks that needs to be repaired or can be sealed with bead silicon.
  • Last but not the least, gutter cleaning may also involve cleaning the outside with soft-bristled brush to get rid of black algae or ‘tiger-stripes’ to give it a new, fresh look altogether.

Though time consuming and tiring, you can still enjoy ridding the gutters off debris- if you know to do it right and not necessarily seek professional help.